Welcome to our facilities page.

On this page, you will see the wide range of facilities and equipment we have here at Open Space Plymouth. Our facilities are used to improve your strength, flexibility, control and form in fitness & dance. These are the facilities you will be able to use as an Open Space customer. 

Car Park

Open Space Plymouth has plenty of parking space in our large car park. Car parking is FREE for customers of Open Space Plymouth only. 


Kitchen with a seating area, so you can relax whilst your child is in a class and for the participants who are waiting for the next class. 


Male and Female toilets with lockable doors for changing. 


This is the studio space which can be used for your Dance, Fitness and any hiring. 


Professional, high-quality sound system.


An amazing machine created to help dancers learn advanced moves quicker and more easily, in a safe way.

Shoes/Bags storage

This is used to store your bags in a safe place and your shoes if requested to take them off. 

Gym Equipment

We have a range of Fitness equipment which will contribute to making you stronger as a dancer and athlete. We have a whiteboard so you can write down your workouts for the session and tasks throughout the class making it more productive and educational. We have TRX ropes used for bodyweight training. Battle Ropes for high-intensity training. Pull up bar for bodyweight exercises with resistance bands to use for practice and stretching through workouts. Skipping ropes for high-intensity workouts and warm-ups. Punchbag with adult and child gloves. Ab wheel for exercises for your ABs. Foam roller to help role out the muscle tissue and recover any damaged muscle. Weight vest to give your self extra weight when working out. 

Games Console - xbox one

Games console with age-appropriate games to use after training sessions to wind down and get creative. There will be time limits when playing on the console. 

First Aid kit 

We provide first aid at our space so if there are any injuries our team will be ready to help and take the right procedures to reduce any further injuries.


It's very important to stay hydrated during our sessions here so we have a fridge full of drinks for you to purchase for 50p. 


We consider the safety of all of our customers here. If ever in event of a fire or emergency you go straight out the studio door, turn right and go down the stairs into the car park. The fire assembly point is on the opposite side of the car park. 

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